Henry's Music: Motets from a Royal Choirbook

CD Henry
May 2009
76 minutes
Obsidian Records

On 24 June 1509 Henry Tudor was crowned the eighth English king of that name. His early reign was seen by all as a new Golden Age, full of opulence, splendour, majesty and harmony. While Henry’s reputation is today largely that of the tyrant, in
the first 20 years of his reign we was perhaps one of the greatest royal patrons of the musical arts in all of Europe. This recording, produced in conjunction with the various ‘Henry's Music’ celebrations in 2009, contains works written for Henry and by Henry. Alamire, Andrew Lawrence-King, Quintessential, and mezzo-soprano Clare Wilkinson combine to offer a fitting tribute to England’s most musical king.

Track Listing: 
  1. O Christe Jesu, pastor bone (Taverner)
  2. King's Pavan (Anonymous)
  3. England be glad (Anonymous)
  4. Consort XII (HenryVIII)
  5. Madame d'amours (Henry VIII)
  6. Tandernaken (Henry VIII)
  7. Salve radix (Sampson?)
  8. Psallite felices (Sampson)
  9. Sub tuum presidium (de Optitiis)
  10. Quam pulcra est (Sampson)
  11. Hec est preclarum (Anonymous)
  12. Beati omnes (Jacotin)
  13. Consort XIII (Henry VIII)
  14. O my heart (Henry VIII)
  15. Helas Madame (Henry VIII)
  16. Though some saith (Henry VIII)
  17. Nil majus superi vident (Verdelot?)
  18. Consort VIII (Henry VIII)
  19. Adieu Madame (Henry VIII)
  20. En vray amoure (Henry VIII)
  21. Lauda vivi alpha et oo (Fayrfax)

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