Michael Grébil

Michael Grebil

Michael Grébil, plectrum lutes, is a multi-instrumentalist & singer who has dedicated a part of his musical life to medieval music. He particularly got involved into the research of the medieval lute practice, improvisation & ornamentation in the medieval monodic area. He plays with a lot a renown medieval ensembles : Alla Francesca (Brigitte Lesne, Pierre Hamon) & Hesperion XXI (Jordi Savall, Montserrat Figueras†). Lately he developed a solo recital echoing his own researches & his intuitions about the medieval instrumental practice and how this music comes alive in our days.

He works also as a composer & electronic musician mainly in the field of Theatre & Dance. He worked with author Michel Vinaver and director Gilone Brun on the staging of “l'Ordinaire” (“High Places”) for the Comédie Française in Paris in 2009. He collaborates among others with the directors Clyde Chabot & Sandrine Anglade. In the field of dance, he works with choreographers like Opiyo Okach and Odile Azagury.