The Tallis Psalter is published by Novello & Co.

Tallis Psalter: Psalms and Anthems, Canticles, Preces and Responses is the first complete edition of the Psalter, allowing, for the first time in centuries, a performance within the Anglican liturgy. Also in this volume are Tallis’s surviving English anthems, including popular works such as If ye love me and Hear the voice and prayer, and lesser-known miniatures such as A new commandment and Purge me, O Lord, the evening Dorian Service, and Preces and Responses for five voices.

The original Psalter contains Thomas Tallis’s nine tunes set to metrical verses by Archbishop Matthew Parker, and published in around 1567.Many of the tunes have since been reworked as popular hymns, while Ralph Vaughan Williams famously used the Third Tune as the basis for his Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.

‘It has long been my ambition to edit the Tallis Psalter for modern liturgical use, and, having performed them all with my own chapel choir in Cambridge, they certainly live up to expectation. All of the tunes are utterly infectious, and I'm not surprised that they have been so widely adapted for other uses. The added bonus of including all of his surviving English anthems in a single, practical edition promises that these superb works can be enjoyed more widely than ever before. The Dorian Service and Preces & Responses for five voices complete the set, and provide all the necessary ingredients for Choral Evensong featuring the music of Thomas Tallis.’ - David Skinner

The Tallis Psalter
Release Date: 
Mar 2013